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Playmakers is a collaborative by and for the sports-and-society ecosystem.

In India, the last decade has seen the emergence of numerous non-profits and social enterprises using sports and physical activity (SAPA) for social change. This mirrors global recognition of SAPA’s role in development, which is facilitated by international platforms sharing and developing ideas and practices.

However, locally, such efforts are often fragmented. The Playmakers Collaborative aims to unite these efforts, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

We aim to collate and produce open source bodies of knowledge and public goods that will benefit the entire SAPA ecosystem. In addition to building common resources, Playmakers is committed to building strong relationships with governments, policymakers, funders, and the media.

The section consists of a glossary that has been created to help contextualize knowledge and ideas within sports-for-society in the Indian context. This is featured alongside a range of resources from around the ecosystem, which include case studies, reports, and academic articles. We invite you to explore these valuable resources, learn from the experiences of others, and contribute to the collective growth of the sector.

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